Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tooth-Tugging Tip for Terrified Tots

Drama Queen is a chicken when it comes to getting loose teeth pulled.

A yellow-bellied, lily-livered, gutless wonder.

This is a gross understatement.

A couple of weeks ago, she had a tooth that was so loose it flapped when she talked. It kind of reminded me of the door my cat uses to get to her litter box in the garage. Except upside-down. I kept expecting to hear it squeak when it flopped back and forth: eeh-ooh-eeh-ooh-eeh-ooh . . .

But, I digress.

She complained that it hurt when she ate, but the mere suggestion of pulling it (either by herself or me) sent her into a tizzy.

Another gross understatement.

We're talking screaming.


Shaking like a bowl of Jell-o during an earthquake.

Flinging her body from wall to wall.

(This is why her blog name is Drama Queen, y'all.)

You may think that I must have pressured her.

(sweet, sympathetic Mommy voice) "Honey, do you want Mommy to pull it for you, or do you want to pull it yourself?"

Sound like pressure to you?

Well, you say, maybe she had some traumatic incident with a previous tooth being pulled.

Nope. Unless you count the Tooth Fairy forgetting her. For two nights in a row. (I have a sneaking suspicion that the little winged pixie discovered blogging.)

After many meltdowns, Drama Queen came up with the fantastic idea of having me pull it while she was asleep. I thought this was brilliant, because the anticipation seemed to be the worst part.

She changed her mind before she put on her jammies.

Later, after Hubby tucked her in, he came down and said, "Drama Queen told me to tell you to PLEASE to pull her tooth."

All righty then.

A few hours later, I snuck into her room to do the deed. Drama Queen, still mostly asleep but vaguely aware of my presence, shook her head vigorously, her brown hair slapping the sides of her pillow.

I didn't pull the tooth.

(I am firmly against telling my child that I won't pull her tooth and then surprising her by suddenly doing it anyway. I figure I'm giving her enough reasons to need therapy as it is.)

The next night, we went through the same thing:

"Pleeeeeeease pull my tooth!"

"Mommy, I changed my mind. Please DON'T pull my tooth!"

"I really mean it this time. Pull my tooth!"

"Nooooooo!!!!! Don't pull it!!!!!!!"

On it went for two hours, ending with, "NO! Don't do it!!!!!!"

When I stole into her room that night to get the writing journal we share (I'll post about this another day), I read this note:

Okey dokey. I guess that settles it.

I grabbed a Kleenex and got a grip on the tooth. Drama Queen's eyes flew open and grew wide. (Imagine a startled owl being choked.) I tugged lightly (it was hanging by a thread, for Pete's sake) and the tooth popped right out.

There wasn't even a drop of blood.

Drama Queen remained dazed and silent for a full 3-4 seconds. Then, as what had just happened seemed to sink in, she started to whimper. I asked if it hurt, and she half-moaned a "yes". (I knew good and well that it didn't, but this is Drama Queen we're talking about here.) I left to get her some Orajel. When I returned seconds later she was fast asleep.

In the morning she had absolutely no recollection of anything.

After I recounted the whole story of how I pulled her tooth, she happily announced that she would like for me to ALWAYS pull her teeth this way.

Works for me!

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Edi said...

Loved your story! I have one child that wants her wiggly teeth to come out so badly she pretty much does it herself. IF that doesn't work she'll ask for my help. She keeps workin' that tooth until it comes out. This latest tooth, she corrects me when I say she pulled it out -she says no I PUSHED it out.

Ds the younger - wigs out about his loose teeth. When I pointed out the other day that he has 2 top teeth wiggly he got upset...actually when checking more recently I found that 3 were loose.

The only thing that helps much with loose teeth is "bribery". You lose a tooth and we go to DQ and you get a Blizzard. The kids love blizzards so it gives them an incentive to get rid of that hanging by a thread tooth :)

Laane said...

You described this so vivid. It was great to read.

You can find out what works for me ::here::
Have a wonderful day!

Angie said...

Great post! I love reading it all, especially because our oldest is the SAME way. He has gotten to the point where he is just miserable and has pain with every bit he eats, but doesn't want it pulled because he is afraid. Maybe I'll have to remember the night time pull. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh boy...that sounds like my kids!!!But that's okay,isn't it?What would we parents do without drama?!?!Hahaha!!!