Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Winner of the LTDChix T-Shirt Contest is . . .

(Drumroll, please) . . . . . . . BundyMum! Here is her winning entry:

I am working mom as I try to do accounts from home
In between toys, drinks and snacks, craving thinking time alone

I am cooking mom, juggling toddlers, pans and phones
Having dinner done and kids all bathed before hubby gets home

I am fitness mom, trying to add muscle to bone
When I get the time that is, If ever the other jobs are done

But even though I'm all these things, when all is said and done
I don’t mind even a little bit cause I am their mom.

Congratulations bundymum, and thanks to all who entered and took the time to check out the LTDChix website!

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