Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Dress Is DONE!!!

The dress is DONE!!!!

Well, almost. I didn't get the lace on the neckline, and the bows weren't quite what I wanted because I hadn't bought enough ribbon. I finished it 15 minutes before the dance! I also didn't get to alter Drama Queen's too-large gloves or make her hat because I simply ran out of time. (Even after staying up until 3am for 3 nights in a row!!!) The trousers of Pete's store-bought costume had to be safety pinned because I didn't have time to deal with them, either.

Oh, well! Perfectionistic rantings aside, here is the finished product:

Drama Queen truly looked like a princess! She was so excited!

I have to say that this is absolutely the best sewing I have ever done. The seams were straight and even, and everything looked
just like it was supposed to. I was especially proud because instead of following the directions for just one view of the pattern, I combined three different views and even added something (the sash) that wasn't on the pattern at all. Not bad, considering I am mostly self-taught. I plan to add the lace and take some closeups to post for you to see. (After I shovel out my house. Let's just say that the housework has been, um, a bit neglected these past two weeks.)

I forgot to take pics of the ADORABLE shoes I got at Payless. Here's a pic from the website:

Aren't they adorable?

Pete looked pretty dapper in his Confederate officer uniform:

The Civil War dance was SO much fun. Master's Academy goes all the way through high school, and seeing the high schoolers dressed up made me feel like I was crashing a prom. (Except these kids were sober, well behaved and overall pleasant to be around!)

We got to see the younger kids (Drama Queen's group) perform dances like the Virginia Reel and other square dances. The older kids did waltzes and other dances from the romantic era.
I LOVED all the authentic dresses, especially the Scarlett-O'Hara-type ones! It was cool watching those humongous hoops sway and swish to the music. I should have taken more pictures.

They also had a daddy-daughter dance. My heart just melted watching Hubby dance with Drama Queen, looking into her eyes as though she is the only person in the room. (I might add that at the time he was suffering from terrible pain in his ears, with are both now infected. He had to go back to the doctor today.)

Pete also danced with Drama Queen. I would like to say it looked like this (the pic I had them pose for):

But in reality, it was more like this (the dance he agreed to after much threatening):

Fun was had by all (except Pete)!


Dana said...

Lovely! Your daughter looks like a princess and everyone looks like they had a great time!


Carla said...

I love the dress, it turned out so great. Looks like both kids had fun.

Pink Alligator said...

So glad you got the dress done! They look like they had fun! Great job!