Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Joys of Boys

Y'all know that I have serious laundry issues. So I definitely do not need any more.

As I was going through one of the hampers this evening, I noticed that the clothes were damp and a bit more, um, malodorous than usual.

My first thought was that our elderly cat was responsible. I quickly dismissed this idea because she is too obese, old and out of shape to jump that high. Besides, I've cleaned up enough cat and child messes to know the difference.

A mom's nose knows.

Knowing that Pete has a tendency to wait until the last minute, my next assumption was that he'd had a wet accident and tossed the odiferous undies in the hamper without telling me. As I searched for the smelly skivvies, I found more than wet underwear.

I found wet shirts. I found wet pants. I found wet socks. Many of these wet things belonged to Hubby and me.

(Putting on imaginary Sherlock Holmes cap.)

Hmmmmm . . . .

Hubby has not had any accidents this week.

have not had any accidents this week.

Which leaves only one possibility:

Dear friends, my son has been whizzing in the laundry hamper.

(Counting to ten.)



(Not helping.)

(Banging head against wall.)

Why, why, why???

Perhaps he is marking his territory.

Does this mean that he's going to do the laundry from now on?


Terri said...

You sure do have excitement in your house! I think a load of laundry is up his ally.

Angie said...

Oh my! I think I would be counting to ten roughly a thousand times. Sending strength to you!

Melanie said...

I'm relieved for me, sad for you, to read this. My boys never cease to amaze me. Just yesterday, at the park, my 3 year old stops, mid-run, drops trow, and pees in the mulch. If we EVER did this at home, I would understand, but I have no idea where this came from. But OH, the looks from the parents. Lots of counting in our futures...

Carla said...

Oh BOY! I think it is time to teach someone how to do laundry. Wow!! I am saying a special prayer for you.

40winkzzz said...

Not fun now, but probably a story you can tell on him over and over thru'out the years, esp when he is just at the right age to be really embarrassed by it :-). Delayed vengeance is ever sweeter.

I have one who, at abt age 4, stood OUTSIDE the OPEN bathroom door and peed on the hall carpet. And my MIL likes to tell about how, when my hubby was 5 or 6 yrs old, she finally figured out why the trash in the bathroom wastebasket was always wet...

Anonymous said...

Ugh is this what I have to look forward to with Bear? YUCK! Hubby read this and laughed. Seems him and his 2 brothers shared a room when they were younger. When they moved their parents couldn't figure out what the room stunk so bad. Hubby said him and his bro's had been peeing under the bed! For no reason at all! Definateley must be "marking the territory" or something! lol!