Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mess of the Day: None!

You're not going to believe this one. I could hardly believe it myself.

This display has been on our kitchen table since mid-October and Screech has yet to touch it. I told her not to, and she actually obeyed! Can you believe it? Not a single bite mark on anything!

I never thought I'd see an entire day of obedience, much less a month and a half!


Terri said...

Way to go Screech!

Anonymous said...

Oh!! Bring on the obedience!! Love that! :)

I don't know HOW I found your blog... but glad I did. I am a homeschool mom, as well. Love meeting other homeschoolers. :)

Have a great day!

Christy said...

Miracles never cease!

Mom2fur said...

Good for Screech, but...
...they don't exactly look yummy, LOL!
So glad to hear you found that Sharpie!