Sunday, November 16, 2008

Catching Up - Halloween

I have a ton of updating to do, and I'm determined to get it done! Here are some pics from Halloween:

Pete was a Jedi, Screech was a skunk (I have 25 reasons why), and Drama Queen was a pioneer girl. (Not Holly Hobbie, not Laura Ingalls, and definitely not Nellie Oleson, she says.)

Pete is a handsome little Padawan. Anakin Skywalker, eat your heart out!

Screech's costume was just so appropriate (and pretty darn cute, I might add!) I didn't make it (although there are patterns for this exact costume); it's a Tom Arma. Drama Queen wore this many Halloweens ago. Although if I thought SHE was stinker, I had no idea what I was in for one day!

Drama Queen's costume took a lot of time, but I had so much fun making it. There was one slight problem with the main dress: after I finished it I realized that I had made an ADULT size 8! If I'm not just plain dumb, I'm definitely sewing-challenged! I managed to take it in without cutting it, so she can grow into it.

The cute little dragon below is our next-door neighbor.

We went trick-or-treating around our neighborhood with a couple of the other neighborhood children. It was so much fun to do it together. The cute little princess below is our other next-door neighbor.

Although we do participate in Halloween, we don't have anything to do with witches, ghosts, monsters and the like. I had seriously considered not doing Halloween at all due to its pagan overtones (and respect Christians who choose this route), but I figured to be consistent with that we would also have to do away with Christmas trees and other Christmas traditions that have pagan roots. Besides, we are not "celebrating" anything evil in our hearts; we're just dressing up and mooching some candy!


That lady with 6 daughters said...

awww, adorable costumes and I think the dress looked fine.

Jannie said...

Cute as all get out!!!