Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Good Ole Days!

The email read: "This Thursday will be a dress up day for all history classes. Wear clothes or accessories from the 1920's."

My first thoughts:

a) What on earth did kids wear back then?
b) Where am I going to be able to find anything like that?

Then, I Googled "children's clothing 1920's" and boy, was I excited! Two reasons:

Short pants.
Knee socks.

Up until he turned five, I used to dress Pete up every Sunday in dress shorts, white high-top shoes, white knee socks, and a little bow tie. I know, some of you are gagging at the mere thought, but I LOVED it! Oh, those sweet, chubby knees!

And, believe it or not, Pete loved it, too! He always, said, "Mommy, do I get to dress fancy today?" And he loved his bow ties (he called them simply "bows").

I was so sad when he outgrew all of that. I could still find the outfits, but the shoes were way harder to find. And he was just so . . .big. Wistful sigh.

Which is why I was so thrilled to dress him like this for 1920's day:

Oh, I could just put him in a bowl and eat him up with a spoon! And how did he feel to be dressed this way? Loved it. His only complaint was that the bow tie wasn't real.

Drama Queen's dress is from Strasburg. I bought it for $1 at a consignment store. Yes, as in one single dollar. It probably cost $120 new. Please don't hate me.

This was so much fun! I am tickled pink that Drama Queen loves wearing dresses and that Pete still loves "dressing fancy"!


Anonymous said...

Where did you find his outfit (size)? How old is he? I would love to buy an navy Eton suit and PP collar shirt for our seven year old...last hurrah for me as well to see him sooo adorable before the inevitable jeans and tee shirts are permanent.

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

He is 6 years old, and usually wears around a size 7. I found the shirt at a consignment store. It was a size 6, so it was a little small. The shorts came from a different outfit he used to wear and were pretty tight (I think they were a size 5).

Good luck finding an outfit. I'd love it if you would send me a picture!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about this "anonymous" post...I cannot post here under my name for some reason.

It is Ashley and thanks for responding.

Since this AM, I have purchased a navy velvet eton suit originally from The Wooden Soldier. Though its a 6 I am told that there is plenty of hem left on the back seam & sleeves (jacket) and the shorts have an elastic waist, they just may be a little short, which is ok I guess. That is way little boys used to wear them. And I found the shirt, although 'custom order', from the Children's Cottage. I will order it as a 7-8 so no alterations needed. It is white cotton, short sleeves, button front and has a plain Peter Pan collar, on the wider side, like the outfit your son is modeling. No decoration or edging on the collar (like the one you found) though that would have been nice too. And Stride Rite still has saddle shoes in his size, so I am set! Do you now, or have you, purchased from the Wooden Soldier? Did you dress him in eton suits or shortalls only? My son is not as compliant as yours when it comes to dress up. but he will look traditional and in the Holiday look we had as kids. I will post a pic when we have the 'try-on'.

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Hi Ashley!
I had to Google pictures of Eton suits because I didn't know what they were! LOL

He wore Eton suits, jon jons, shorts with suspenders, and shortalls. Anything I could find that would go with the white knee socks! I was SO sad when I could no longer find white hightop shoes, but the saddle shoes were easy to find and looked cute also.

Sounds like you are putting together a darling outfit! I can't wait to see it!

I used to be a teacher and I remember a first grader wearing an outfit like that for picture day. He was the cutest little thing I ever saw!

Just curious, how did you stumble upon this post? I've haven't been faithful with blogging lately because of Thanksgiving and life being crazy in general. Anyway, I'm so glad you stopped by!

Anonymous said...

Hi..."stumbled upon the blog" is exactly what happened. I was searching for Christmas outfits and ideas...though I knew what I wanted, it is hard to find these days. So a few key words and links later it found your blog. I also have 'spoken with' several other Moms and Grandmas who were helpful. One or two years makes a huge difference it what is available, especially for boys.
At age 5 there are many options for dress up clothes, at 6 fewer and at 7...well its either miniature Dad or jeans. My mother dressed us in classic styles and I guess that is where I am at these days. As a child, the 'boy' of our house was in short pants suits until 9 I think and the girls in plaid pleats or pinafores. All hard to find now. Well thanks for the 'chat' and Merry Christmas!