Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St. Paddy's Party

We homeschoolers are quite the party animals. We had another skating party this month, this time with a St. Patrick's Day theme. Drama Queen, Persnickety Pete and Screech each won first place in their respective age groups for dressing up. (Well, to be PERFECTLY honest, Pete was the only entrant for his age group, and Screech didn't have much competition, either!)

Drama Queen with a buddy

Pete did his own makeup

Screech with her skating buddy

Screech's outfit was quite interesting. She does not own a single green item of clothing that was appropriate for slightly cooler weather. I ended up putting a turtleneck around one of her summer outfits and put some funky tights on to tie it all together. There were also some matching pink bloomers that didn't show up in the picture. Turned out pretty cute!

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