Monday, March 31, 2008

Scooter Rides

Hubby has a motorbike. He bought it just a few days before Pete was born. No, he wasn't having a midlife crisis, and he never used it to roar down the highway at 75 miles an hour; he was merely continuing the tradition of "scooter rides".

When he was in college, he took a moped to school because the parking situation was horrendous. Plus, he wanted to protect his car, an Oldsmobile 98. (Yes, he drives old fart cars. On our first date, I assumed he'd borrowed his parents' car!) Anyway, when his nieces and nephews came to visit, he always took them on "scooter rides". They made many precious memories together, just putting slowly around town.

Right before Pete was born, the old moped finally bit the dust. We thought that that was the end of it, but when his 11-year-old niece came to help with the baby, she was DEVASTATED at not being able to have scooter rides with her beloved uncle! Hubby got to thinking about how much they enjoyed that and decided that he wanted his own children to grow up with scooter rides as well.

Fast forward to the present: every single day that the weather is halfway nice, he and the kids are putting around the neighborhood and nearby woods. The kids look forward to them so much! Not only do they ride, but they often get out and play at their "special spot," a beautiful place with a large pond and small creek, or just explore the woods together. They have learned so much science from these little excursions. (Who needs workbooks?)

I had never been able to go until recently when our neighbor offered to let us borrow his 4-wheeler and a trailer so that we could go as a family. I was thrilled to finally see where they spend their time! They excitedly pointed out all the sights. Daddy had named each of the different trails after them, which made them feel so special.

Here are pics of their "special spot":

I feel SO blessed, knowing that our kids have such a wonderful relationship with their Daddy. He cherishes these times as much as they do.

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