Monday, March 10, 2008

Chibes, Anyone? Cheap!

Drama Queen is quite the entrepreneur. She harvests "chibes" from the front yard (wild onions, for all you city folk) and sells them. As you can see, her price is pretty steep. (Must be organic.) That's quite a bit higher than last week, when they were going for $1.08/bunch. Daddy told her that the latest crop was worth more because the bulbs are still intact.

You'd think he'd keep this to himself. He's her only customer.

If I were responsible for teaching Cubby economics at this age, I would be a miserable failure as a teacher. (Can't get more customers? Raise the price dramatically!)

Here are some pics from a recent family outing to Watson Mill Bridge State Park. It was beautiful! This wooden, covered bridge was built in the 1800's. We drove over it! It sounded creaky and had the neatest old smell.

Screech seemed to enjoy holding hands as she hiked with Daddy. A rare occurrence!

Pete burying his "treasures".

Drama Queen loves to find shells.


Tracey said...

Oh! That little one's face is too precious.

I also like it when their range of a good price is: ", 50 cents or even 10 or 14 dollars, Mom!" Yeah... Great job...

Tami said...

Beautiful pictures of the covered bridge. Maybe she can sell some Chibes and you can all go out for ice cream.