Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm a Rebel!

I was raised to be ultra-frugal. It's in my genes. I had a great aunt who washed and reused plastic wrap. When we cleaned out her apartment after she passed away, we found a vintage box of Glad Wrap (likely an original from 1966). I think it's the only box she ever bought.

It used to be extremely hard for me to throw things away. Everything - toilet paper tubes, Crystal Light containers, the stiff piece of white cardboard that comes inside a new pair of pantyhose - could have a potential use when you're crafty and you have kids. The mere thought of throwing away a new strip of twist ties, even when I have a drawer full of hundreds thousands of them, causes me to twitch.

So, why don't I feel guilty for throwing out a handful of markers just because they're not washable?

Hmmmmm . . why, indeed . . .

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Carla said...

Your great aunt sounds like my grand mother, she kept it all.