Monday, June 16, 2008

No, This Is NOT Pizza Hut!

I mentioned in this post that I regret our choice of phone number. Here are two of MANY reasons why:

12:17 A.M. (as in, MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT) Brrrrrring!

Groggy Blogger: (croaks) Hello?

Drunken Idiot: Izzis Pizza Hut?

Groggy Blogger: No.

Drunken Idiot: Can you look up the number for Pizza Hut for me?

Groggy Blogger: No, I won't. You obviously didn't do such a great job looking it up yourself the first time, so you need to try again!

Sigh. I know I should have been more like Jesus, but it's hard when I'm rudely awakened. Here's another doozie:

Drunken Idiot: Izzis Pizza Hut?

Disgruntled Blogger: No.

Drunken Idiot: Can you go up to Pizza Hut and tell them that there's a hair in my pizza?

Big sigh. BIG, huffy, grumpy sigh.

1 comment:

Queen B said...

That is so funny. I mean. Not funny. Really annoying.

Our number is very similar to a temporary staffing agency. We get lots of calls. Now I just give out the number when they call.