Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Mess of the Day #20: Anthony Wiggle

I always leave the door to the laundry room closed to keep Screech out. I opened it and left it for 30 seconds while I went to get a basket of laundry, because, of course, I can't open the door when my hands are full.

When I returned, Screech was making Anthony Wiggle "dance" in a washbasin, in which a pair of her shorts were soaking in an effort to remove massive amounts of, um, diaper leakage.


Because his body is not washable, I am so thankful that only Anthony's shoes bore the brunt of this unfortunate incident. By the way, we don't know where his shirt is. At least the body isn't made to be really lifelike. Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, Anthony has large tattoos on both arms?

I couldn't bear to take a picture of Anthony's makeshift swimming pool.

You're welcome.

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Kelsey said...

Aww Poor Anthony!