Friday, December 14, 2007

Screech Gets a New Nickname

Her new name is "Miss Manners". I have made several posts telling about the naughty things that Screech has done, so I thought it fitting to post about something good for a change! She is a month shy of being two, but she has the sweetest little manners I have ever seen. Just now she burped and with no prompting said, "Scuse ee!" She is great at saying "pease" and "sank you" without being reminded, but my favorite thing she does is to say, "No sank you!" when Drama Queen or Pete are bothering her! She also says, "No sank you," if I offer her food she doesn't like. What a sweetie!


Carla said...

How sweet!!! You have such wonderful kiddos.

Terri said...

Love those cow print pants.