Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas List

I have not had much time to update lately because I have been a bit behind on things. To give you an idea, I spent the afternoon cleaning out the van from our Thanksgiving trip (we returned nearly a week ago). Since my life lately is consumed with lists - shopping lists, to do lists, wish lists, etc. - I thought that it would be appropriate for today's entry to also be a list:

Number of times I told the kids today to stop honking on the decorative horn that is supposed to hang on the wall: 1,362
Number of times they listened: 0
Broken snowglobes I've cleaned up today: 2
Total number of Christmas decorations broken today: 7
Number of Christmas trees we're putting up this year (see above for explanation): 0

On a happier note:
Number of days I have gone to Jazzercise this week: Every day!
Pounds lost since starting Jazzercise 3 weeks ago: 3 (It's a start; would've been more if it hadn't been for Thanksgiving!)

We're enjoying the Christmas season in Georgia so far.
The mild weather is so nice, although we will miss the little bit of snow we used to get in KY. There is so much to do here. After this weekend we will have attended 3 Christmas parades!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Carla said...

I love the list. Congratulations on the pounds lost. I agree the warm weather is nice but the snow is going to be miss.

Dana said...

We miss you a bunch! It's always so nice to see your comments! One of these days we'll have to meet up in your new hometown, though it seems right now that when I go there, you come here. We'll have to work on that. Love you!

Terri said...

Love the list idea. Way too cute.