Thursday, October 25, 2007


I wanted to add some recent pics of the kids for those who haven't seen them for awhile. I welcome comments, but please note that I am trying to keep the blog anonymous, so I am not using their real names.

Because we love nicknames, it was fun getting to choose some that fit just as well as their "real" names, if not even better! Here they are:

Drama Queen

Persnickety Pete


Despite the tongue-in-cheek names, I am truly blessed and am thankful for the unique personalities of my children! It's funny; most of the traits that earned them their names are those they got from me.

Drama Queen is passionate and enthusiastic about EVERYTHING. (She, too, enjoys enhancing her writing with bold fonts, all caps and LOTS of exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!)

In Persnickety Pete's world, everything must be just a certain way or he's bent out of shape.

Screech has her mama's temper! I'm also quite sure she is the child that my mother-in-law wished upon my husband; see yesterday's post,
For the "Someday I'll Look Back and Laugh" File.


Carla said...

I love the pictures and your clever nicknames are really cute. You have a natural talent for that one.

The (Almost) Amazing Mommarino said...

Thanks, Carla! We have a lot of fun with it!

Elizabeth said...

Oy! Kids who go by nicknames with DIFFERENT nicknames on a blog. That is going to be a REEEEAAAALLLL stretch for my middle-aged mind. :) Especially since we won't be seeing y'all on a regular basis anymore.

Beth B said...

I'm so lovin' it! Girl, you just are a woman of innumerable talents! Musician, photographer, mother-extraordinaire, teacher and writer! When are we all to expect your first Christian-comedy book?!? Look out Chonda Pierce! :)

Terri said...

They look like they've grown up so much since I last saw them. They're cutie pies.