Monday, September 24, 2007

She's Pretty Chatty

The idea of blogging has lured me for quite some time. I just love to talk!

When I was in the delivery room about to have baby #2, I had been having a rough time with the contractions. After the beloved epidural, I must have been giddy with relief. My husband was on his way in as the nurse was leaving my room. "How is she?" he asked. The nurse raised her eyebrows. "She's pretty chatty!" she declared.

Medical procedures seem to bring this out in me. Another time, I'd had some kind of IV anesthesia when I had wisdom teeth removed. Hubby came to pick me up afterward and later told me that I had been talking a blue streak. I have absolutely no memory of this. Hopefully I didn't blab about my ATM pin, bra size, or Grandmother's chocolate pie recipe.

Being a homeschool mom, I am often desperate for adult conversation. Since going to the doctor is expensive and not much fun anyway, I figured a healthier way to way to share my dreams, hopes, and fears would be to start a blog. Here goes!

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Beth B said...

Post away! I'm reading!